Phil Glover 1931-2012

Yesterday, after an accident with a dead pine tree, my father, concerned that his life had deteriorated to the point where he'd be either mentally or physically impaired and a permanent burden to his family, committed suicide.

That we, his family - that I, his only child - would have accepted that burden without complaint is without question. He knew that and so he chose not to involve us in the decision he made about his life.

I cannot change that.

Vlogging iMovie on the iPad 2

Recently I posted my thoughts on iMovie on the iPad 2. I an exercise of complete redundancy, here's are those same thoughts (more or less) in video form.

iMovie for iPad2

Some time back, I wrote a review of iMovie on the iPhone 4. This was shortly after the app was first available and I didn't give it a very good review. It was buggy, limited and difficult to control with precision.

Now, with the advent of the iPad 2, Apple has revamped iMovie to be a universal iPhone 4/iPad 2 app. I've recently had the opportunity to try out the iPad version in a real-world situation.

iPad 2 Thoughts

Another in my wacky series of vlogs, this time discussing the iPad 2. Edited entirely on the iPad 2.

A Day With the Potawatomi

I spend the day with my tribe. Yes, I have a tribe.

Logitech Harmony 700 Remote - Review

This time I'm looking at my new Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote.

Aussie Pasty (vlog)

My experiment of combining two great tastes, the Cornish Pasty and the Australian Meat Pie, into the hybrid Aussie Pasty.

Too Lazy to Blog - Don't Watch this video

Seriously, I'm just not blogging enough lately, so I've decided to experiment with vlogging instead. I've got the camera with me all the time, so why not?
Answer: This video right here. Wow, how tedious. Don't bother watching, it's terrible, but it gets the preface out of the way. The next one is much better.

Primeval - S04E02 - Review

I got nothing.
The current series of Primeval is so ordinary that I have neither strong positive or negative feelings towards it. They aren't screwing things up badly like they did last season, neither are they making me interested like they did in the first season. I've watched through this episode 3 times and still I've got nothing, so I decided to try my Fusion Patrol approach. I watch the show, take notes, fill in some comments and hope I have something to say.

Primeval - S04E01 - Review

All this tweeting and podcasting and suddenly I just don't have time to review new science fictions shows - or, if I do, I do it on the podcast. That just doesn't seem right, and one of the staples of my blog has always been reviewing episodes of Primeval. Pity they cancelled it, isn't it?
Ah, but they didn't, nearly two years later, Primeval is back. Is it better than before?


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